Saturday, 8 June 2019

WOW! End of week 6 and fast heading towards the end of term!

Week 5 was a messy week for Room 1 and the rest of the school. We started with a short week because of Queens Birthday weekend, then we had the Teachers strike day, and there was lots of children away across the school due to illness.
However, Room 1 children were still working hard on their maths by practising counting forwards and backwards from 10 to 20.

And other children were learning to count objects by making lots of ten.

Here is Brooke working out how many jelly beans she has by putting 10 into each little container. She found she had 4 lots of 10 and 2 left over = 42.

Our letter and blend for the week were P and cl. As there was a lot of children away, we had a lot less for sharing this week.

A green Plane

A pretty hair Clip

 A porky Pig.

In week 6 we had a few more children back at school (Yay!)
Week 6 sharing was the letter G and the blend gr.

We had a growly face from Skye,

 and a greenstone.

On Wednesday the school had a visit from Elgregoe and his helper, Sue.

Elgregoe had lots of tricks with his animals to entertain us.

And had some help from the audience.

We all had a good laugh, but Elgregoe also had a very good message for us to ...

Hopefully we all remember Elgregoe's words and try to follow them!

On Friday we had a visit from the playcentre. They had come into the school to see what a New Entrant/Year 1 class was like. 
Room 1 have been learning about shapes for our strand maths, so we made some play-dough to show and talk to our visitors about shapes we can make, how many sides and corners they have. 

"mmm", says Tiaan, "What shape am I going to make?"

Charlie tells mum he is going to make a train shape.

Ethan can't decide which shape he wants to use next!

Harper has made a row of shapes for her friends.

Well done Room 1 for looking after your guests.

Week 6 finished on a high with Room 1 winning the Big Bag Bay Challenge for the week!
Awesome work Room 1 looking after our classroom and bag bay, keep up the great work!

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