Sunday, 31 March 2019

Two weeks to go!

Here we are at week 9 already!

We have had a busy three weeks with our sharing, math strand and topic.

For math strand we looked at who was the tallest in the class. We lined up on one of the netball court lines and marked how tall everyone was.

We found that Tom was the tallest in the class!

The letter of the week last week was J, and we had some awesome sharing.



Jaw bone

For our topic over these last few weeks we looked at what healthy food we would put in our shopping trolleys. All four groups made good choices following our motto of "Healthy Trolley, Healthy Body". 

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

We also started putting together our class skeleton. The children painted cardboard rolls white for the big bones and rolled up paper for the small bones. They then used paper-mache for making the hip bones and the skull.

We are just waiting for the skull to dry before gluing it onto the skeleton, then Sid the skeleton will be all ready for the classroom display.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

End of week 6 already!

Room 1 children have been really busy the last two weeks.

We have been reading "George's Marvellous Medicine" in class. We decided to make our own " Marvellous Medicine" from construction materials. There was shampoo bottles and 'chicken pills', paint and perfume, plus many more things that went into the "big pot" of medicine.

In goes the shampoo!

In goes the paint!

In goes the perfume!

In goes the 'chicken pills'!

This week we had a visit from Life Education's Harold. He taught us more about healthy eating and how good food helps our bodies. We got to see a skeleton and help Harold make good food choices for his lunchbox.

Here we are learning about our bones and why our body needs strong bones.

This is where we we choose if a food is a GO, GROW, SLOW or WHOA food. 

Here we are choosing what is the best type of food for Harold to have in his lunchbox.

In our maths we have been learning about statistics. We tied this in with learning about healthy food by looking at our lunchboxes to see what types of food we are eating at school.

 We made a graph to see how many children in Room 1 had GO, GROW, SLOW or WHOA food in their lunchboxes.

We found all children in Room 1 had some GO food in their lunchbox. That is some fruit or vegetable.
Most children in Room 1 had GROW food in their lunchbox. Milk (provided by 'milk in schools') , cheese, yoghurt, sandwiches and rice crackers.

Some children had WHOA food which they decided they would eat at the end of the day so it wouldn't stop their learning. Ka pai Room 1, well done!