Saturday, 23 February 2019

End of week 4 and nearly half way through the term!

Sharing in Room 1 has started well with the letter 'b' and the blend 'sh' for week 3. The children need to find something that starts with the letter or blend of the week and bring it to school on their sharing day.


We also did some work on sorting things that start with 'sh' to go in our 'sh' books.

This week we were lucky to have some time learning cricket skills. Room 1 had a great time warming up with a tag game and practising ball skills.

This term our strand for maths is statistics. We wanted to know who in the class had the longest feet and how many brothers or sisters we had.

More fun and games in two weeks time!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

End of week two already!

Two weeks of the term gone already!
Although these last two weeks have been short ones, Room 1 routines are up and running.

Week 2 saw the start of our swimming for this year, much to the delight of all the children.

After missing swimming in term 4 last year, the children were keen to be back in the pool to cool off on these hot summer days.

We kicked off our topic this term (Healthy Bodies) by making a healthy salad. We had a taste of some of the produce we put in the salad.
Some children loved it...
Others were not so sure.....

However, everyone enjoyed helping chop, grate, rip and toss the ingredients together.

Grating carrot and beetroot.         Shelling peas.               Chopping tomatoes and cucumber.

Ripping the spinach.                                                      Chopping the beans.

                                                            Tossing the salad.

The children showed amazing knife skills and a good knowledge on how to prepare the different salad ingredients.

When the salad was finished, we took it outside to have a salad picnic under the tree. YUM!