Sunday, September 30, 2018

End of term 3!

Our focus for this term has been our writing. There has been a lot of Professional Development around making writing Learning Intentions clearer for our children. The result of all this work is some amazing writing by the children in Room 1.

This is a story by Alice.......

Brooke's story...

Amelia's story......

We had a visit from the popular Elgregoe, Chiedza helped him out with a bit of magic!

Room 1 finished off their strand maths, learning about Geometry, with some shape designs. They look fabulous!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday with lots of fun, see you all next term!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Three weeks till the end of term!

Room 1 has been working hard on their writing and produced some great work.




For our strand this term we are learning about shapes. The children had fun making shapes using string and themselves.

We made a circle...

We made a triangle...

We made a square...

We finished up this week with some cool games organised by the senior children.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

We are racing through Term 3!

Out topic this term is about Poutini the Taniwha who swims up and down the West Coast.
The children produced some great Taniwha art work to brighten up the classroom. 

We also co-wrote a poem about Poutini snatching Waitaki and running away from Taamahua.

Our sharing is still continuing to be very popular with the children. They look forward to their sharing each week.

Last week Mrs Ealam took both Room 1 and Room 2 on the teachers CRT day. She and the children worked hard on a beautiful mosaic art mural about pollution in the sea.

The year is zooming by in Room 1!

We ended Term 2 with some cool rock creations thanks to Mrs Lockhart. Here are some of the lovely creations.

We had a visit from two very cute rabbits, they gave the children lots to talk about on how to look after them.

Our topic for term 2 was to finish learning about our school. Room 1 interviewed the teachers about their jobs, their interests and how long they had been teaching at Awahono. We all learnt how the school was formed and which buildings were the original ones before Ahaura, Totara Flat, Moonlight and Ngahere combined to form Awahono. Room 1 ended their study by making a mural of the school.

Sharing in Room 1 was a highlight each week with the children looking forward to their sharing day. We had some clever ideas for the letter and blend each week.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Half way through Term 2!

Wow! We have been so busy that time has flown by this term.

This term Ms Lockhart has been working on measurement (length). We picked two children, drew around them on cardboard, then measured their length with different items around the room and compared our findings.

There was Wacky Hair day in week 3 and Rm 1 children were very creative with their hair-do's.
Rainbow plait by Inshirah

Colourful twisted knots by Chiedza

Cupcakes by Bella

The children are enjoying the letter/blend of the week sharing. We had 'W' and 'sp' one week and had some interesting sharing. Watch and wind.

Sprigs and Spiderman.

We then made spiders and their webs.

Lately, we have had a local cat come and hang out in Room 1.

This has inspired the children in their writing!
By Bella

By Jennifer

By Mila

Friday, April 27, 2018

End of Term 1 2018 already!

This term has been busy, busy, busy. Our students both old and new are back into their routines.
 We have been trying out new activities for writing.

The children have also been working with Ms Lockhart to make their own Greedy Cat books. A long with the books they made a huge cat door to use to exit the class!

Our letter and blend of the week has been a great success! We will continue with this next term.

The letter and blend of the week (p and pr) coincided with the purple mufti day at the end of term.

We had lots of purple happening in the class.