Friday, 26 April 2019

Welcome back to Term 2!

Welcome back everyone, Murtle and I hope you all had a good holiday and a good rest!
We are going to have a fun filled term of reading, writing, maths, art and school wide activities.

This term we will be preparing for our school production. This works in with our class topic which is learning about Fairy-tales. 

We will be learning about the morals behind fairy tales, the structure and are going to try writing some of our own.

Our class novel this term is The Magic Finger. Last term we had lots of great writing done around George's Marvellous Medicine and fun making things to go in our own medicine. I'm looking forward to The Magic Finger doing the same for our imagination!

In week 2, Murtle the turtle will begin making visits home again. He has now got a new bag as his old bag was worn out. Homework will start this week as well. 

I am looking forward to seeing all of those smiley faces Monday at school. Have a great weekend every one!

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

End of the first term already!

Week 10 was a busy week for Room 1 children. We finished up our topic of "Healthy Bodies" by making a class skeleton, some healthy shopping trolleys and a visit from Sue (the health nurse) to talk about healthy teeth.

We painted cardboard rolls with white paint for bones, rolled up paper for finger bones and made the skull and hip bones with paper mache.

Then every thing was glued onto a huge piece of cardboard.

When all the skeleton was glued on, we had a vote to decide what to call him. The most popular name was Bobby Bones.

The healthy shopping trolleys were great fun to make. Some very careful discussions went on about what was healthy, what was 'go food' and what was 'grow food'.

We ended up with four very healthy looking trolleys! They are on display in Room 1.

We also had a visit from Sue, the health nurse. She showed us a short clip on how to brush our teeth, then she pulled out a HUGE set of teeth and tooth brush to show us how to brush.

Next it was our turn to have a go!

Scrub, scrub, scrub!

The junior classes ended the week with their sports day. We had four other schools come and join us in the fun. First we had morning tea together, then lined up to hear the instructions for the day.

Then off we went around the seven rotations.........

Gumboot throw.                                                       High jump.

Grass skies.                                                           Water challenge (fill the pipe with                                                                                  water, but the pipe is full of holes! Teamwork!)
The obstacle course (under, over, around and through...) 

Moon-hopper races and the sandpit dig. 


Everyone loved the sandpit dig, if you found an orange stick, you won a lollipop!
All the schools had a great day and the children had lots of fun meeting children from other schools.

Week 11 and the last week of school for the term, found Room 1 celebrating 50 days of school with a Pyjama party. The children wore their pyjamas to school for the whole day.

We had fun watching a movie and making Easter Egg art.

We tried some crayon and dye egg pictures.....


.....and some 3D easter eggs that are a bit of a work in progress.


Luckily we managed to get everyone's egg finished at the end of the week!

Our term ended with an ANZAC ceremony. The whole school gathered in Room 3 for the service,

and watched the raising of the flag.

Then four of the seniors took the roll of guarding the tomb of the unknown solider while we had a short talk about war from a member of the Greymouth RSA.


After this everyone laid down a poppy or wreath in front of a cross. Then we all watched the lowering of the flag.

As a class we had talked about ANZAC day, what ANZAC means and why we honour those who died in the wars. Hopefully our children have a better understanding of the meaning behind ANZAC day and why it is important.

That's all for now, have a great holiday break and see you all next term!