Friday, May 22, 2015

Room 1 firefighters

Room 1 watched a short video of a kitten being rescued by a firefighter. Our task was to pretend we were the firefighter that saved the kitten and write a story about it.

Here are some of our great stories!

I am going into the house and I am saving the kitten. The house is on fire. I am saving the kitten's life with an oxygen mask and water. 

I saved the kitten. I was brave. I was not scared. The kitten was lying on the floor. The kitten is safe and I am happy.

I went into the house and I saw a kitten. I brought it outside then I saved it with an oxygen mask. 


  1. What fantastic writing! Great to see you all were very brave and saved the kitten from the fire. I like how some of you have used 'oxygen mask' in their writing. Keep up the great writing Room One!

  2. Hi Room One
    What great writing that yous wrote! I like that yous were all brave and saved that kitten from the fire.keep up the Fantastic writing Room One.
    From Sarah


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