Friday, 28 June 2019

Week 9 of the term!

We have had a very busy last few weeks!

Awahono had their annual Fun Run, what an awesome day the children had!

Here's Jack coming through the tunnel.................Lincoln out of the tunnel!

Elizabeth......                                                                      Glenn.......



even our awesome teacher aide, Chontal, ran around the course!

Room 1 were also learning about halves and quarters. We used the play-dough to make shapes and the we cut them in half and then into quarters. There was lots of discussion about 'pizza' and 'cake' when having to share them out.

Our topic this term was about Fairy tales. Room 1 played the part of the '11' dwarfs. There was lots of practice learning our songs and dances. We even made our own beards to wear on stage!


Here we are in our dress rehearsal, waiting for our call to go on stage for our dance and song...

The children had an awesome to performing their part in the production. I hope you all came along and enjoy the fun!

This is the last blog for the term, we hope you have enjoyed being part of our learning. Hope you all have a lovely break and we will be back next term.

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