Sunday, 27 August 2017

Mid-term update

Room 1 students have been working hard on their handwriting in the first half of the term with great results!

Great letter formation Layton!

An example of the beautiful handwriting that our children are producing, well done!

In week 5, the children have been trying out playing to the beat of different music genre. 
Our favourites are, Octopus's garden and Albatross.


Friday, 11 August 2017

  Room one has been very creative with Mrs Wallace on Fridays. They are enjoying building things out of boxes and bottles, and expressing themselves with paint.

Room 1's plants are growing well! Mr Davey will have some awesome flowers for the school garden in no time. 


We are looking forward to planting them out in a few more weeks.


    We have used the new plants as our focus for art this week. There is now lots of beautiful flowers hanging up in the classroom.




Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Welcome to term 3

We have had an awesome start to the term. Last week we listened to and played along with the beat of some cool music.

We also planted some flower seeds for our science topic "Growing a plant from seed". Some of these flowers are for Mr Davey's Interest based group garden.

This week the children have been hard at work in their learning......

Felicity wrote her story all by herself.......fantastic!

Layton is showing off his wonderful letter work, great work Layton!