Sunday, 30 September 2018

End of term 3!

Our focus for this term has been our writing. There has been a lot of Professional Development around making writing Learning Intentions clearer for our children. The result of all this work is some amazing writing by the children in Room 1.

This is a story by Alice.......

Brooke's story...

Amelia's story......

We had a visit from the popular Elgregoe, Chiedza helped him out with a bit of magic!

Room 1 finished off their strand maths, learning about Geometry, with some shape designs. They look fabulous!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday with lots of fun, see you all next term!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Three weeks till the end of term!

Room 1 has been working hard on their writing and produced some great work.




For our strand this term we are learning about shapes. The children had fun making shapes using string and themselves.

We made a circle...

We made a triangle...

We made a square...

We finished up this week with some cool games organised by the senior children.