Sunday, 24 November 2019

End of week 6 and Xmas is coming!

The last two weeks have been very busy working on our reading, maths, writing and phonics. The children in Room 1 have been working hard on their handwriting skills. More children have progressed to Independent Handwriting, they have to complete set differentiated, independent handwriting tasks, to a good standard before moving to the next level. You can see the pride they take in their work by how focused they are.

They also enjoy playing phonic games after their handwriting tasks are complete.

Tiaan and Isla match up the upper and lower case letters.

Elizabeth finds the correct letters for her board.

Lincoln, Brooke and Renae are playing a memory sound game.

This week was the build up for Rooms 1 and 2 to visit to the Kiwi Creche. We were going to go on Wednesday. Sadly the weather didn't come to the party, so we were keeping our fingers crossed for Friday.
Friday dawned full of promise. The children were very excited when we all got together in Room 1 for getting sorted into groups. 

Once sorted, it was into the cars and off to meet Jo and the Kiwis.

Jo gave us all a talk on how to behave around the kiwi and what we might see, then off we went over the grass and into the bush.

When Jo found one of the kiwis, she showed us what information she gathered each time she checked on the kiwis.

First she did a visual check on the overall look of the bird, 

the kiwi didn't look to fussed by it's audience!

Then Jo took measurements of the kiwi's beak,

then popped it into a bag to weight it.

after all her jobs were done, Jo snipped the little ties she had put around the kiwi's legs (to stop it kicking Jo with it's strong legs),

carefully picked it up,

and slipped it back into it's burrow.

What a day! Everyone had a great time and learnt heaps about kiwis!
Looking forward to lots of great writing and artwork about kiwis!
That's all for the moment.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

End of week 4 already!

Here we are nearly half way through the last term for 2019!

Our sharing this term has changed from other terms as we have so much happening in our day, eg: swimming, outdoor activities, end of year trip etc.
We still have a letter or blend focus for the week, but instead of having rostered days for the children to share items they have bought to school, we have a hands on activity relating to the letter or blend of the week.

Last week our letter blend was 'qu'. Room 1 children completed a quilting patch by drawing on a square of calico with fabric pens and wax crayons. They then chose a patterned backing sheet to glue their square onto. I then taped all the squares together to make a beautiful wall quilt. 

Everyone in Room 1 contributed, teacher and teacher aide included!
The children are very proud of their hard work.

 Our quilt is on display in Room 1 till the end of term. It will then be split up so each child can take home their quilt square.

This week our letter blend focus was 'gl'. We made sun glasses, which ties in with our mini-topic unit of being sun smart.
For this activity we had to colour in our glasses template, there were lots of colourful designs and patterns happening! Next was some very careful cutting out, everyone did an excellent job!
Then we had to choose the colour 'lens' we wanted and carefully glue it all together with the hot glue guns. We had a sunny lunchtime, so it was the perfect opportunity to try them out!

At the start of this term we filled out a KWL chart about the sun, K=what we know, W=what we want to know, L=what we learnt.

We have all been learning new things about the sun and how it works. To share our sun-smart message with others, we have been practising a sun-smart song. Hopefully we will be sharing this at one of the up-coming assemblies. 

We’re SunSmart!
We’re SunSmart!
We wear our hats,
We wear our shirts,
We wear our sunnies out in the sun.
We won’t get burnt and we still have fun,
We tell our friends to be smart in the sun. 
Cos we’re SunSmart

Our maths strand this term is Time. We are learning how to tell the 'o'clock on our clocks. The children worked in pairs and were getting to grips with where the hands have to be in relation to the numbers.

On Monday this week Room 1 were lucky to be working with Room 2 and Mrs Wallace while I had a much needed day for completing assessments. They had a great time making firework pictures, working along-side Room 2 children and going swimming together.

That's all for now, looking forward to sharing more of our activities in two weeks time.