Sunday, 11 November 2018

End of week 4 already!

Room 1 and 2 had a lovely day at Shanty Town at the end of week 3. The children loved dressing up in clothes like children wore when people first came to the West Coast.

Even Murtle the Turtle got in the photos!

A big thank you to all the parents who made this trip possible. 

This week Room 1 started on their topic, Great Scientists. The children are learning that they are scientists too, by looking, listening, smelling, touching and recording. Our first experiment involved jellybeans.
First they arranged them in a plate, made a graph of the colours they had and then predicted what would happen when we added water.

Next they observed and recorded the changes they saw at 1min, 5min, and 10min.

After 10 mins we discussed our findings and wrote a conclusion.

The outside of the jelly beans is made with sugar. The water melts the sugar and makes the inside go slimy.
Next week we are experimenting with things that can sink or float.