Sunday, 26 May 2019

Week 4! Nearly half way through the term!

Room 1 has been busy working on our strand maths and topic over the last two weeks.

For topic we were reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We listened to different stories that had different endings for the Giant. 

In week 4 we tried creating our own story of Jack and the Beanstalk using a story board.
First the children drew their pictures, then with the help of Mrs A and Chontal, they wrote their story.

It was a wet day when we were writing these stories and I think that had an influence on the weather conditions in the stories......

The children were also working on art work relating to Jack and the Beanstalk.

First they had to paint the background, then they needed to colour in their characters and glue them onto their background. 
Their pictures look amazing, so colourful!

Our sharing has been up and running over the last two weeks.
In week 3 the letter was 'd' and the blend was 'ch'.





In week 4 the letter was 'b' and the blend was 'sh'. However, no one brought in anything to share for 'sh'!
Batman card




Looking forward to next week which is the letter 'p' and the blend 'cl'.

For strand math we are working on shapes. For last Fridays activity we chose 7 different shapes, put them together to make a picture, then drew an outline around the shapes. We then passed the outline and our shapes to another classmate and they had to try and put the shapes together inside the outline.
Lots of laughs all round!

Arranging the shapes

Drawing around the shapes

Fitting the shapes into the outline


Room 1 have been working hard on keeping our environment clean. Every Friday afternoon we do a walk around the school and pick up rubbish. We want our school to look appealing for visitors and to be a great place to play and learn. The children noticed that some bag bays were a bit messy, so they sent out a challenge to the whole school for the tidiest bag bay!  

And the winners for week 4...
Room 1! Yay!!

Saturday, 11 May 2019

End of week 2!

These first two weeks we have been getting back into our routines.
Week 2 we started our daily homework and Murtle's visits home. Next week we start our sharing around the letter or blend of the week.

Last week Room 1 started with our greeting for the week in Te Reo, this was Kia Ora.

Next week we will have the Spanish greeting Ola.

In week 1 we made some progress on our topic wall. The children made leaves to go on the huge beanstalk after reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a huge discussion on what might have happened to Jack and his mum if the magic beans hadn't grown. Watch this space for some creative writing in that direction!

Next we plan to add some of the Fairy-tale characters that we will be studying.

At the end of May, Awahono School will be having it's annual Fun Run. To be ready for this, Room 1 has started having a practice run every morning. So far the weather has been kind to us and we haven't missed a day.
Here is Room 1 warming up for our run.

Week 2 was Road Safety week. Room 1 was learning about crossing the road safely. The children each made a picture about where was the safest place to walk or ride a bike by the road. They then stuck all their pictures onto a poster to share.

The end of week 2 was busy with making Mothers Day cards for the lovely, hard working mums of the children in Room 2. Lots of love and effort went into the great cards the children made.

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums this Sunday! 

Next Thursday is Support Staff Day. We are really grateful to all our support staff. They do an awesome job supporting the students and teachers.