Sunday, 27 October 2019

Welcome back to Room 1, term 4!

End of week 2 already!

Room 1 would like to welcome two new students this term.
We have Chloe, who joined us at the start of the term,

and Isla, who started in week 2.

This term we had our Pet Day. The children bought along all sorts of pets, dogs, cats, frogs, a rooster etc.
These are some Room 1 pets,

This is Mellow Yellow the rooster,

Harper bought in some frogs,

Skye bought in her pet cat, Smudge,

Brooke shared her puppy, Lola, with Tiaan,

Chloe and her sister Hayley bought along the dad of their little puppy, Lucky.

After all the pets had been judged, the children participated in workshops. Room 1 hosted the Art and Craft workshop. The children used materials from the environment to create pictures......

First they had to choose the materials for their picture,

then arrange them in their picture frame,

adding to it if they needed.

Then out with the glue guns and...

glue, glue,


At the start of week 2, we had Sue, the health nurse come and talk to us about staying clean and healthy.

She gave us a little talk on how to clean our teeth and wash ourselves properly.
Then we watched a short video on washing ourselves regularly so we always smell nice.

I am pleased to say that the Room 1 children were very knowledgeable about keeping themselves healthy!

This week we tried out some Tai Chi as part of our Well being for Learning. The children enjoyed having a change from the Focus Yoga we have been doing.

It is now part of our morning routine of Preparing for Learning.

We ended the week with Grandparents day. Lots of Grandparents came along to school to share what their Grand-children have been learning. There were old fashioned games to play, and Room 1 had hoola-hoops to try.

There was lots of fun....

and laughs....

as every one had a go at trying to keep those hoola-hoops going!

After all the games, it was off to the pool for some fun in the water....

The children were keen to show off their swimming skills to their Grandparents, however, the Grandparents didn't seem keen to jump in and show off theirs!

After a busy two weeks, we were all very tired and were looking forward to the long weekend. After a good rest, we will all be ready for more fun and learning come Tuesday next week.
Cheers everyone!

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  1. That is not Skye cat that possum Aubrees and my cat.Not to be rude.


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