Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day trip!

Last week we went on our end of year day trip with Room 2! We went for a swim in the morning and then went in buses and cars to Moana where we got on the Tranz Alpine train and rode into Greymouth. After that we went to the Aquatic Centre and had fish and chips for lunch before going back to school! We had so much fun! 

Waiting for the train at Moana Station

Having fun in the swimming pool

Our train tickets

Fish and chips for lunch

The train!

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  1. Room 1 and 2: Wow Room 1 and 2 that looked so fun, I wish I could of gone, but I'm going on camp. Anyway that is so COOL that you got to go on the train to Moana. That is EPIC!
    -Sophie From Awahono school


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