Friday, March 18, 2016

Harold - Life Education

Last week we visited Harold in the Life Education van. We learned all about how our body works! We learned where important parts of our body live and why they are important.


  1. Hi Room one
    I thought that your Harold Presentation was really detailed with all of your pictures and captions. Maybe next time you could tell us a bit about the muscles like there names and what they do.
    -Ashleigh and Noah

  2. Hi Room One!

    Your slideshow was awesome because you told us a lot about your trip to Harold - Life Education! We also enjoyed it because you had put lots of pictures in your slideshow which showed what you guys were doing! Great work Room One! Maybe you update this on something you are doing in class??
    -Katie, Troy and Ben

  3. Hi Room one!
    Your presentation was amazing because all of the detail with your pictures when you guys went to Harold- Life Education!

  4. Hi Room One

    Your presentation was so cool I like how you put a slide for each person saying Hi to Harold. Great work keep it up.

    - Nicole


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